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My first Aot fanfic

"Come on, Ellie," Rios said in a low, gruff voice. "Breathe, dammit!"
Title: Together
Characters: Elliot Salem; Tyson Rios
Rating: M for language
Summary: T.W.O mercs try to survive in what's left of Shanghai and Salem almost drowns.
"Come on, Ellie," Rios said in a low, gruff voice. "Breathe, dammit!" Salem laid beneath him, unconscious, while Rios desperately attempted to revive his partner. Continuing chest compressions, Rios developed a sickening thought. This is it. This is the day I lose him. After all they had been through, the rangers, Somalia, SSC, and countless other suicide missions, would this finally be the end of their partnership?
The two had been unstoppable together and no matter the situation, they always felt significantly safer when they had each other. They weren't just fellow soldiers or even just best friends. Salem and Rios were much closer than that. There had been countless times where the two had held the other's life in their hands and this overwhelming sense of camaraderie made the pair inseparable.
Though almost completely opposite, Salem and Rios made the perfect team, which turned out to be so much more. No, Elliot wasn't just a teammate. He was, is, Tyson's friend, brother, and, some might even say, his other half, and Rios was not giving up on him.
After completing another set of compressions, Rios tilted the younger man's head back and proceeded to give him mouth-to-mouth. He glanced from the corner of his eye, watching Salem's chest rise and fall with each breath he gave.
Suddenly, Rios felt Salem's body twitch under him, and moments later the previously unconscious man was now very much awake, almost convulsing in a fit of coughs. Rios quickly backed off of Salem, who almost simultaneously rolled away, coughing up the remaining water in his lungs. Quick to assist his partner, Rios held one hand around Salem's waist to support him and other hand held his forehead, feeling the chill droplets of water trickle from Salem's dark hair, down his fingers, and drip onto the faded concrete street.
After he finished his coughing fit, Rios positioned Salem to lean back against his chest. The younger man was shivering, partly from exhaustion and partly from being completely drenched. Rios wrapped his thick arms around the freezing man, rubbing up and down Salem's arms in an attempt to warm him. Salem let out a weak moan that came out jagged from his violent shaking.
"Shh. I know, Ellie. Just hold on."
Rios knew he needed to get Salem dry and warm. There had to be a place for them camp out and grab some supplies. Then, Rios remembered the mall they had seen earlier. It was empty since the attack started and it was sure to have some clothes and other supples if it hadn't already been ransacked by desperate civilians.
"Come on, flaco, gonna get you warm," Rios said reassuringly. He then positioned Salem so that he rested with his legs in one of Rios' arms and his back supported in the other. Salem dug his face into the crook of Rios' neck and grasped tightly to his tactical vest, desperate for warmth.
They made their way through the ruined city. Posters of war propaganda littered the cracked and rugged streets. Burning cars and broken buildings dominated the somber landscape that was once Shanghai.
The two mercenaries entered the abandoned mall, Rios looking cautiously around corners, Salem held close to his chest. When he saw the coast was clear, Rios carried the younger man into the nearest clothing store and sat him down on the checkout counter.
"Hey, I'm gonna get some dry clothes for you. Think you'll be alright?"
" F-Fuck, m-man, it's only t-t-ten feet away. a f-f-fuckin' toddler."
Rios gave a slight chuckle and held Salem's cheek in his large hand, stroking the sharp cheekbone with his callused thumb.
"Glad to have you back, smart-ass.
As Rios walked away in search of clothes, Salem began undoing the straps and buckles of his soggy tactical vest. While pulling of his drenched shirt, he heard Rios call to him from across the store.
"Yo, Elliot. What's your pants size again?"
"34, long."
Rios chucked. He swore that man got skinnier every year. Though he had bulked up some since Rios knew him, Salem had always been smallest in the group, especially in the Rangers. His size had often left him to be underestimated, but his confidence and determination compensated this, making Salem a force to be reckoned with.
This could also be a weakness, though. Salem's arrogance often gets him into trouble and he is a bit trigger-happy. Rios is the one person who can help him keep a level head and when he is in a bad situation, Salem knows Rios has his back.
After retrieving a pair of faded jeans, a charcoal-colored t-shirt, black boxer shorts, and a pair of socks, Rios returned to the checkout counter. Salem had stripped down to his boxers and sat on the counter, hugging his knees to his chest, shivering. He looked relieved to see Rios return.
"Th-thanks, bro," stuttered Salem through chattering teeth. He gratefully took the clothes and began to dress, starting with his shirt. As he was about to remove his still-damp boxers, Salem stared at Rios.
Rios scoffed, turning away from his partner and said with a smirk,"Damn, Ellie. Always so shy."
When he was done dressing, Salem sat back down on the counter, exhausted from the earlier events. Rios saw that his hair was still dripping wet, so he grabbed another t-shirt from a nearby rack.
"Here," Rios said as he gently rubbed the t-shirt around in Salem's soaking hair. When he was done, he ran his fingers through the tangled mess and held Salem's bangs out of his face. After momentarily looking into the other man's eyes, Rios embraced him in a hug. He felt Salem's chest move up and down against his own, comforted by the steady heartbeat.
"Christ, Ellie. I thought your skinny ass was done for."
"Guess you get to deal with my skinny ass another day."
Rios laughed at that. Same old Salem.
The bigger man pulled away and patted the other on the shoulder.
"Come on," Rios said with a small smile. "Let's get some rest. You need it."
Though he didn't show it, Salem was grateful for the embrace. The way Rios' arms surrounded him made him feel safe and secure, considering they had held his life countless times. Their closeness had often been ridiculed by other soldiers and mercs, but he didn't care. Salem knew he was lucky to have someone that close to him, someone that truly cared for him. It seemed like everyone he met had hurt or used him, everyone except Tyson Rios.
They set up camp in the dressing area, making beds from the available couches. Rios removed his vest and began to settle down into the dark, leather couch, when he heard Salem speak in a quiet, uncertain voice.
"Hey, Tyse?"
"Can--can I...."
"Come on, Trig. Spit it out."
"...sleep with you?"
There was a momentary silence, then Rios answered warmly, "Sure, Ellie."
Salem got up from his makeshift bed and walked over to Rios, who situated himself closer into the couch to give his friend room. Salem then laid on his side, facing Rios and resting his head on the head on the bigger man's arm.
Though others had problems with the two sharing a bed, Rios didn't. He knew for years Elliot had trouble sleeping and it wasn't a new occurrence for Salem, on worse days ( which Rios was sure today counted as one) to come and sleep next to him. The guy had gone through shit that was the stuff of nightmares, and often caused them. So, Rios thought, if this helped Salem, it didn't matter what others thought.
Rios bent the arm Salem rested his head on and began stroking the bangs out of the younger man's face.
"You need a haircut, flaco," Rios said lightheartedly. Salem then reached over and placed his hand on Rios' broad chest and positioned himself ever closer to his partner.
"You sure you're okay?" Rios asked, continuing to stroke Salem's dark locks.
"I'm just tired," was Salem's response, his voice a bit shaky. Rios knew this wasn't the case. Salem was scared. Why wouldn't he be? It was a goddamn war zone he came extremely close to death, not even by enemy fire, but by drowning. Rios said reassuringly, "Listen, Ellie. We're getting out of this shit hole together and in one piece. I promise you that."
Rios then wrapped his other arm around Salem's smaller frame. It scared him to see his normally overly confident partner act like this. He seemed so fragile, which made the thought of losing him seen so much more tangible. Though these thoughts often haunted him, Rios always pushed them away. He wouldn't let anything happen to Salem and he knew Salem felt the same way about him. Together, they would make it out of Shanghai. Together, like they always should be.



Name: Mercstouch
Reason for joining:I'm a huge fan and loved reading the posts here so I thought I might as well join too.
Favorite Character: Out of the boys, Salem is probably my favorite, but it's hard to decide. You can't have Salem without Rios, right?
Why: He's just such a dork and I love his total bromance with Rios. Not to mention he's also pretty damn attractive.
Least fav Character: Dalton or Jonah. They're both assholes but I can't decide which is the bigger asshole lol.


Is anyone here still alive?

Because I feel like it's a bit dull around these parts. So why not spice it up with some introspective sex? Yes? Yes
But first the obligatory:

Name: Dogma
Reason for Joining: I've loved AoT since the first game, but I never really jumped into the fandom until I re-played it for the third time, followed directly by playing The 40th Day. So yeah.
Fave. Character: Probably Rios. Salem is cool and hip and all that jazz, but Rios is just so...macho. I dunno. I also quite like that Australian (?) guy at the beginning of the second game, but we all know what happened to him. :(
Why: Because he's a cool kid. That's really all I've got.
Least Fave. Character: Alice.
Why: I don't dislike women or anything, but some of her lines/mannerisms in the game really get on my nerves.

Now that that's over with, have some psuedo-porn:

Title: Whatever This Is
Rating: M for sex and language
Disclaimer: I don't own Army of Two. If I did there would be more gay.
Nutshell: Tyson Rios is a thinker and a doer. Generally this means he does a lot of both, but sometimes does more of one when he should be doing the other. Pretty Rios-centric, oneshot

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Name: Tori
Reason for Joining: I've been in the AO2 fandom for a while, thanks to a friend, and I lurked around here a bit, but with nothing to contribute I never joined. BUT NOW, now that I do have something...
Fave. Character: BESIDES the boys (with an - it appears to be - unusual inclination towards Rios) and despite his short, short appearance in The 40th Day, Brezhnev has become close to my heart.
Why: He's so amusing! They fit so much vitality and personality into his character with the short span of time he had. He had all of a quarter of a level of spotlight, yet he was bantering easily enough with Salem and Rios through it. Plus, he's the first one who said out loud what everybody else HAS to think about our golden boys. (On a related note: I notice he calls Rios something during the stage - I'm guessing it's some sort of Russian nickname, given he uses it more than he actually calls Rios by name. Anybody got ideas what it is?)
Least Fave. Character: Jonah.
Why: Two words: SHITTY ULTIMATUMS. Also boring.

I COME BEARING GIFTS! The first is a short, depressing drabble.

Title: I Never Wanted To (named for the song that inspired it, by saosin)
Characters/Pairing: Salem-centric, mentions of Rios, Alice and Jonah.
Rating: PG-13 for character death and swearing.
Summary: It's a hollow victory, at best. (SPOILERS FOR ONE OF THE ENDINGS OF TFD FOR THOSE WHO HAVEN'T PLAYED, possibly trigger-y, if brief, mentions? Just covering my bases man.)
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I found these two amazing things recently, and I figured I should share them with all those who may not have seen them!

The adorable ambiguous mercs are up for adoption on Squiby (you can get Rios here, while Salem is here... but of course you're adopting them together, right?) and they 'hatch' from their masks at level 25 into those chibis up there.

a few months late but you know


Name: Jess, Debate, what-have-you.
Reason for Joining: I've been here for, what-- half a year now? I don't even remember. Um. Hi guys. Comms are generally awesome and I'm glad everyone else seems to have the same ideas about the amount of gay in this game too.
Fave. Character: I'm going to have to say Clyde because there's no way I could choose between Tyson and Elliot. (Also you would not believe the amount I jizzed over him while playing the game for the first time.) I'm also ridiculously fond of Alice and will make ridiculous noises about her to anyone who will listen, pretty much.
Why: UM, FUCKOS. Clyde hits an as-of-yet unheard of number of my kinks, from the scars to the batshit craziness to his weapons to his back-stabbery to the fact that he's totally banging his boss, and basically everyone within hearing/typing distance of me during the course of the few days it took me to beat the game heard altogether too much about him. The comic mini confirmed just how immensely married Elliot and Tyse are for me, making them one of my most badass, lulzy OTPs. Alice is by far one of my favourite female sidekick-role-type characters in any of the games I've ever played-- she's street-smart, she's level-headed, she's gorgeous, she's generally a Complete Badass, she can likely disassemble and reassemble guns just as well as the boys and can most definitely play with them too, and I love her something fierce. Games need more ladies like her.
Least Fave. Character: Fucking Jonah, man. I will not be the first or the last person to say this.
Why: Underdeveloped and blah. Bo-ring.

Hi, pretties. <3


Alright, an Intro...

Name: Teef (for now)
Reason for Joining: Played Like 20 minutes of the original game and realized that I had to drown in this fandom.
Fave. Character: Salem
Why: He's so funny and cute... but it's not fair because I love Rio too.
Least Fave. Character: ....
Why: ....

Like I said above, I played like 20 minutes of the game and just fell in love (lol) so I will probably change (and fill in) the parts above as I move through the game.

Don't have much to say about this, gotta be the first time I slash Salem and Rios though

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Also I hope I haven't posted this yet, really don't think I have. Anyway it was part of a really short scenario including crazy people and their narcissistic belongings, the idea died of like most of my projects that I start...   

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Sep. 28th, 2010

The first one is fucking adorable, but I still don't know the meaning of the game, EA is so weird sometimes... The second one is a fanmade thing from a guy that does airsoft battles, he has some other cool stuff, suggest you check his channel out.